Cyber security

Secure apps, infrastructure & data

Cyber security threats are on the rise.

At Bridgeall we have a wide range of experience working across a full range of technology solutions to protect you against these threats. We believe in a multi-layer defence and recovery strategy to ensure your business can feel safe.

Our security approach covers securing your infrastructure, applications, productivity suite and data, using a wide range of technology and data to provide you with a holistic approach.

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Rise in security breaches in the last 12 months

Zero trust security

Zero trust security is the evolution of security away from the network perimeter. It is a response to the cloud and puts security focus on individual devices, users and data.

With zero trust security you ensure that any compromised device or user has a limited ability to threaten your organisation and using approaches like Multi-Factor Authentication can be removed as a threat all together.

Defence in depth

Our security approach is based on multiple layers. We believe building up these layers offers organisations the maximum protection possible, ensuring any breach only reaches the next level of protection. From anti phishing software, to Multi-Factor Authentication, limits on user access to data and systems and a robust disaster recovery approach, all create an impregnable security approach.

Shared responsibility

With Cloud computing there is a shared responsibility model, companies like Microsoft are responsible for ensuring their infrastructure is secure but you are responsible for securing your data. Microsoft will make sure their data centres and systems are not hacked and provide a wide toolkit of security solutions to help you secure your data, but you are ultimately responsible for executing this.

Security services

We provide a full range of Security services, from developing a security strategy, implementation of security measures across your IT infrastructure to a fully managed security service.

We are a multiple Microsoft Gold partner that is ISO27001 accredited.

Security consultation

Free 2 hour session with our IT security experts.

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